Here at Pioneer Potatoes we take great pride in our high quality. We realize the key to growing and packing the best product is consistency. This is why ownership is involved in all parts of the process. John Thulen selects the seed, while his son Wylie inspects fields daily during the growing process. Together they ship them to homes around the world. This high level of involvement allows us to recognize which varieties have the best size profiles, colors, other desired characteristics, and make changes from season to season as needed. Very few farms go from start to finish with a potato, and if you desire to work with a family that does that, then you want Pioneer Potatoes. Read the history of our family farm.

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Pioneer Potatoes is home to some of the sweetest beets in the country. This is in large part to our nutrient rich soil, but we like to think it’s just good farming. We produce Certified USDA Organic and Conventional Red and Gold beets. We have two primary packing and shipping methods: 25lb Poly bags under our “Sweet Beets” label, and in large tote sacks.  If this is not what you are looking for, we are always open to other pack styles that you desire to be filled. Pioneer Potatoes prides itself on meeting the desires of each individual customer.
pioneer potatoes ancestors
pioneer potatoes ancestors

Brussels Sprouts

Our Brussels sprouts are known for their exceptional quality. Each stalk is hand cut, and then the sprouts are individually hand plucked from the stalk. Since we don't use any machines to cut and pluck, our sprouts have little to no bruising and cuts. This sets our sprouts apart in the industry and really allows us to offer a unique Brussels sprout. They are a smaller part of our family farm but one that we are equally proud of.

pioneer potatoes ancestors
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