Our Roots

Our pioneering roots in the United States began when our Peth family ancestors John and Barbra Peth immigrated from Switzerland and Germany in the early 1800s. They made it to Wisconsin where they then spent 30 years establishing a homestead and farming. In the mid 1800s, their son John Jacob left Wisconsin and traveled west where he eventually settled in the Skagit Valley. It was here he met and married Mary Jane Black and together they pioneered a homestead, established a farm, and eventually raised five children. In the early 1900s more of our ancestors arrived in the valley. John Thulen immigrated from Sweden and it was in the Skagit Valley where he met his wife, Sofie, also a Swedish immigrant. They married and decided to make their home in The Skagit Valley as it reminded them so much of the fertile farmland of Sweden they had left behind. They established a farm and raised a family and each generation became a part of the farming legacy and carried this legacy on to the next generation. Gail Thulen and Colleen Peth, children of these pioneering families met and married in the 1950s and continued the tradition of farming and raising a family in the Skagit Valley. It is their son John Thulen, and his son Wylie Thulen, who now own and operate Pioneer Potatoes. Pioneer Potatoes is a place where tradition and legacy meet excellence and quality.

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